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Welcome to Best CAD Tips! The CAD tips that we share here are for CAD designers, drafters, artists, and managers who excel in the CAD, BIM, and Revit-using workplace. The tips are designed to help you, the CAD professional, build your skills to the highest possible level, as quickly and easily as possible.
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Units and the AutoCAD 3-D Grid

Units and the AutoCAD 3-D Grid

Exploring the role of units in AutoCAD and develop a strategy for optimally setting up units in any drawing project. We will start from a 20,000-foot view . . .

Appreciating CAD Drawings as Fine Art

Appreciating CAD Drawings as Fine Art

Here’s a question for you: Can CAD drawings be seen and appreciated as fine art? That question rolled around my head as I was working on a desktop sculpture . . .

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Controlling AutoCAD Line Weights

Controlling AutoCAD Line Weights

As CAD artists, we all want our drawings to look professional and appealing. Well-managed line weights play a crucial role in making your AutoCAD drawings look professional and beautiful. Line weights can also improve a drawing’s legibility. . .

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