Can a person improve his or her CAD skills in only one minute’s time?


I’ve been inspired to produce a series of short, easy-to-digest tips in video format. I’m doing this to share some of my thoughts, tips, and techniques revolving around AutoCAD and Revit with you all. I think it will be fun. Most of us have busy lives, so I’ll try to keep the length around one minute.

The first tip – One Minute CAD Tip #1 – is a Revit tip: How to quickly and easily enter a large number of room names along with the room numbers in a Revit project.

Even though I am working in Revit during this video, the same principles can be adapted to an AutoCAD project. Revit has a very nice tool for automatically entering a sequence of room numbers, once you give it the desired number format (such as 100, or A1000) at the start.

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I hope you like this idea and tell your friends and coworkers about it. Click below to see video #1, and enjoy!

And, as I always say, Keep on CADDing! 🙂 Mark