A new video tutorial shows how to use AutoCAD to draw an S-shaped or S-curved road connection between two straight road segments.

It covers making an S-curve connection between two parallel road segments in Part 1, and between non-parallel road segments in Part 2.

The key to success in this task is to create the centerlines of the new road segments first. Then offset half of the road width outward from the centerlines to draw the edges.

S-curved road
S-curved road

The video also demonstrates the use of :

  • Polylines, both straight-line and arc segments
  • Offset to a different layer
  • Explode polyline
  • Eliminating stacked lines
  • Drawing an arc by trimming away part of a circle
  • Circle creation using the seldom-used Tan, Tan, Radius method

Just click below to watch the video tutorial. As always, I love getting your questions and comments. Enjoy!