AUGI, the AutoCAD User Group International, polled their members and developed a wish list for AutoCAD and several other Autodesk products.  They presented their list to Autodesk.  Here are the top ten AutoCAD wishes they presented.

I think it’s interesting to see what other AutoCAD users find limiting or frustrating, or opportunities for improvement in the software.

2011 AUGI AutoCAD Wish List Vote

  1. The ability to use the layer merge command in the layer property manager.
  2. The ability to number and renumber objects, such as parking lot spaces, with an option to automatically renumber if a number is changed, deleted, etc.
  3. The ability to automatically reload changed xrefs
  4. The ability to rename anonymous blocks
  5. The ability to automatically create and turn on/off a wipeout outlines for blocks.
  6. Reference manager to allow conversion from full paths to relative paths and relative paths to full paths.
  7. The ability to have an attribute in a dynamic block control a parameter associated with that dynamic block.
  8. The ability to apply a specific layer to a specific object type.
  9. The ability to select which commands UNDO and REDO affect; giving the user the option to have things like OSNAP setting remain unchanged when using UNDO and REDO.
  10. For the tool palette to update when the folder is updated.

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