Tip 1013: Using AutoCAPS to keep UPPERCASE ON

She lived in capital letters.
–Al Carmine

If you want to make a setting that forces all letters typed in multitext objects to be capital letters, just open a multitext object, and while you are in the multitext editor, right-click to get the shortcut menu, and click on AutoCAPS.

The Multitext shortcut menu

If the AutoCAPS option has a blue check mark next to it, it is in the ON setting, and everything you type in the multitext editor will be in caps.  Click on AutoCAPS again to toggle it off–the check mark will disappear.  The setting is at the program level, affecting all drawings going forward.  It stays set until you change it.

This also controls letters typed in the Multileader tool, if it is set to create leaders with multitext.

By the way, just above the AutoCAPS switch is another option, Change Case, that changes the case of the selected letters from UPPERCASE to lowercase, or vice versa.

Keep on CADDing  🙂




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