Tip 1043

This tip, with a bonus YouTube video tutorial, shows how to hide the level lines and grid lines in a linked Revit model.  This prevents duplication of grid and level lines in the current model.

Like many things in Revit, it’s easy to fix once you know where to look.

The problem I encountered is that when you link an external Revit model, let’s say a structural model, to a current model such as an architectural model, you get duplicated grid lines and level lines, using the default settings.  See the image below:

Revit grid lines and level lines are duplicated

Revit grid lines and level lines are duplicated

The solution is to change the linked file’s Visibility/Graphics settings.

To do that, you must first change the linked model’s Display Settings from the default “By Host View” to “Custom.”

This is demonstrated in the video tutorial below.

I could not find a way to do this globally.  It must be done on a view-by-view basis.  If someone has found a way, please leave a comment below and I’ll share it with my readers.

Here’s the video, below.  See it on YouTube by clicking VIDEO.  Also check out my channel on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Have a great day, and Keep on CADDing!  🙂

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