Residential Roof Design Using Autodesk® Revit®


Master the art of Revit roof design

Residential Roof Design Using Autodesk Revit shows you how to model beautiful, dramatic, and realistically detailed roofs for residential and other traditionally-styled buildings. Whether you are a beginning Revit designer or have some 3-D modeling experience under your belt, you will find helpful tools and methods to take your roof designs to the next level.



Revit Roof Design

For Beginning and Advanced Revit Users

Master the art of designing traditionally-styled roofs using Autodesk Revit.

Residential Roof Design Using Autodesk® Revit® empowers you to create beautiful, dramatic, and realistically detailed roofs for residential projects. With more than twenty-five years of experience as a licensed architect and design/build professional, Mark Sadler offers clear explanations and examples that give you the tools you need to create the roof of virtually any home.

This in-depth study of roof design helps you to:

  • Model the sixteen basic roof shapes
  • Complete step-by-step exercises with Revit’s powerful modeling tools
  • Create and combine basic, intermediate, and complex roof shapes
  • Prepare visually compelling 3-D presentations and buildable construction drawings.

Richly illustrated with photographs of real-world houses, Residential Roof Design Using Autodesk® Revit® helps you model diverse roofs — from jerkinheads to witch’s hats. Learn to master one of the most challenging skills in residential design — modeling the traditional roof.

Mark S. Sadler, owner and publisher of the Best CAD Tips blog, is a registered architect, college instructor, consultant, blogger, and musician. He holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from Rice University and enjoys sharing his design-build experience with his readers and students. Mark lives in McKinney, Texas, with his wife, Kathy, and their dog, Little Bear.

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